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I've always wanted to be a writer of some kind, but unfortunately... ADD had other plans... MANY other plans!!! I write like I speak so please forgive run on sentences, sudden change in subject and random metaphors then do, in the end, always come full circle to make a point. I promise... I usually get to the point.

With that being said... Welcome to my Photography Blog! I'll try to keep this short and to somewhat of a point... If you know me, I am pretty certain you are laughing at that idea!


Something "clicked" in 2013 when 2 of my dearest friends and mentors passed away within a year of each other. Both being the reason why I had the audacity to pick up my first camera and just "START SHOOTING!"

Both amazing men used to fuss at me constantly! Conrad saying to me repeatedly... STOP TALKING AND START SHOOTING WOMAN... and Dave nagging me with every phone call saying "You are a visual artist...a people lover... do something about it already! So I finally did.

4 years later and countless lessons learned, I am still clicking away! Whether it's my camera, this key board (I'm currently fighting with to type a single word out due to acrylic nails that are WAY over due for a trimming) my favorite pen.. OR maybe just that "click" that happens when we figure out even just one, tiny little part of our life puzzle!

Photography has been my therapy, my livelihood, my surrogate for connecting with all walks of life...

Oh Dear GOD! I just became way too serious and sappy so I will end my first blog here...

Or actually here. :) Until the next click!

Cheers my friends!

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